Announcement: Successful Applicants #HerVoiceFund

Thank you to all our applicants, do continue applying maximum $2000 USD!

The fund is open on a rolling basis throughout 2018, apply more than once to engage adolescent girls and young women in communities, national/ regional/ global processes, conferences, policy meetings or engage in Global Fund and related process.

Congratulations to our first round of successful applicants, amplifying and promoting the HIV response;

  1. Christian Youth Association of Malawi
  2. Environmental Foundation Development (Tanzania)
  3. Garden of Hope Foundation (Kenya)
  4. Golomoti Active Aids Support Organization (Malawi)
  5. Hope Plus Organisation (Malawi)
  6. Most at Risk Young Mothers (Kenya)
  7. Mzimba Youth Organisation (Malawi)
  8. Rising Winners Youth Empowerment Initiative (Kenya)
  9. Shakirina Youth Group (Kenya)
  10. Stimulus for Transformative Development (Malawi)
  11. Youth of United Nations Association (Tanzania)

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