Beverly Mutindi, 23

With a bachelor’s in genomic sciences, Beverly Mutinidi is the co-founder of a start-up technology company that innovates around youth and health issues. She lists her greatest achievement to date as the creation of SophieBot, a robot that uses artificial intelligence to answer young people’s questions on sexual and reproductive health.

A passionate advocate for the empowerment of women and youth, Beverly is leveraging her skills and creativity to make an impact. “HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death among adolescents and young people in Kenya. It has been proven that young women are the ones mostly affected by this because their voices are not heard when it comes to making decisions concerning their bodies. For this reason I believe that investing in women today is investing in our future in combating the spread of HIV/AIDS, because we cannot win this war when some of us are held back.”

As a young innovator in health, Beverly is continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the fight against HIV for the next generation. “My goal is to help young women achieve more than what they thought possible, and I believe that I have what it takes to do just that.”